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Posted on Feb 17, 2023
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SCENT: The scent doesnt hurt your nose or makes you feel off about it‼️‼️❤️ USE: I use this amazing product for my whole body. Its so good mixed with other products for dry skin !!‼️‼️ please do try it. (It also isnt sticky!!❤️) Quality: When I opened my box. I was shocked. I didnt know it would look better then it expected to be. Had nothing broken smooth texture of the bottle and cap and the box!! Size: Its the same size as a water bottle!! Age: When i opened the box. The bottle did not look like it got touched no sweat anything like scratches or holes in it. Literally looked brand new(INCLUDED PHOTOS )❤️❤️ Package: Tell me what you think❤️ i JUST ordered this 2 days ago😹😹 (feb 15) it came drastically fast, i was shocked. An it looked like it didnt have no scratches in the box an nothing bad happened to it. benefits: This will help you!! Please mix this with other lotions for dry skin!! I recommend 🙏🙏‼️‼️❤️❤️(thank me later❤️❤️) Composition: Love this product!! Frequency: I use this on the Daily. anytime i get out the shower sense i have dry skin or oily skin😂😂 Sensitivity: This will help you for your sensitive skin. I have both(dry-oily skin) and this helpped an made it stop!!(please use abit of this on your face. But if you get dry most of the time, use it on your preference ‼️❤️❤️) Gentle: this is very gentle for any skin type. (If u have my skin type balanced) ( then always use this an mixing it with others just a small bit on your face(if not it will make you have oily face an it will cause bumps and acne) (Thank me later‼️❤️❤️) PHOTOS INCLUDED (😂😂had alittle fun modeling the products but im so glad i found out about this app. Please do try it! Heres some photos of the package box and the product. Front and back and the box top and bottom‼️❤️❤️ (PHOTOS INCLUDED)